Ustria Bargaus combined offer

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In the Ustria Bargaus, visitors of all ages can experience some carefree time right in the middle of the majestic Rhine Gorge. The Rhaetian Railway’s combi offer gives you a 25% discount on selected menus.

Ten thousand years ago, the Rhine forged its way through the rock masses of the Flims landslide between Reichenau and Ilanz. The result is a unique natural backdrop with rugged cliffs, bizarre rock formations and numerous small islands known as “Islas” in Romansh. Opposite Valendas-Sagogn train station is the Ustria of the same name on Isla Bargaus with its fishing pond and vegetable crops. Opened in April 2024, the agrotourism project offers an oasis of relaxation for the whole family. You can cast your own fishing line or indulge yourself in the restaurant; there is a sizeable playground for the little ones. And with the Rhaetian Railway’s combined offer, you can save up to 25% on selected menus in the Ustria. Book your ticket online, travel from anywhere in Switzerland to Valendas-Sagogn and enjoy moments close to nature on the idyllic Isla Bargaus in the middle of the “Swiss Grand Canyon”.

Ustria Bargaus menus

Fish menu

  • Fried whole Bargaus trout with potato salad

  • Non-alcoholic drink of your choice

  • Coffee of your choice

CHF 34.00

Capuns menu

  • Capuns Val Lumnezia or vegetarian capuns (capuns = chard roulades)

  • Non-alcoholic drink of your choice

  • Coffee of your choice

CHF 28.00

Vegetarian menu

  • Maluns (potato pancakes) with apple purée and Graubünden organic mountain cheese

  • Non-alcoholic drink of your choice

  • Coffee of your choice

CHF 27.00

Children’s menu

  • Bargaus trout nuggets with French fries

  • Non-alcoholic drink of your choice

CHF 17.00

How to get to Ustria Bargaus

Travel by RhB to Valendas-Sagogn.

Ustria Bargaus opening times

Opening times until 6 June 2024

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 10 am – 6 pm (hot meals 11 am – 5:30 pm)

  • Closed on Thursday and Friday

  • Ascension, Thursday, 9 May open

Opening times 7 June – 31 October 2024

  • Saturday to Wednesday and Friday: 10 am – 6 pm (hot meals 11 am – 5:30 pm)

  • Thursday closed

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