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5.Refund rules

5.1.Electronic tickets

Electronic tickets may be refunded in line with T600.9 (only in German). There is a charge for reimbursements. 

5.1.1.Online tickets Where a ticket is purchased but not used in line with the conditions outlined above, a refund claim may be submitted online.

Important: the relevant ticket or order number must also be supplied. If a customer forgets to bring their season ticket, they must state their customer number (xxx-xxx-xxx-x) or card number (xxxxxx) for the relevant season ticket.

5.1.2.Refunds at the station Tickets for refund may be presented at the station on a mobile device or in printed form.

5.2.Online reservations

5.2.1. Refunds Online reservations cannot generally be refunded. However, reimbursements are possible in the following cases: 

  • Verified incapacity to travel (illness, accident or death).

In these cases, a refund claim must be completed and the relevant supporting documents for the refund must be attached.

5.2.2. Change The change of online reservations is excluded.