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Questions about tickets?

Which reductions are valid on Rhaetian Railway?
How can I purchase a ticket if I am already in posses of a seat reservation?
Do I have to book a reservation or a ticket first?
I already have a reservation but no ticket yet. Will my seats still be reserved or will my booking be released?
What refund conditions apply to tickets?
How can I buy an online-ticket for my child under 6 years?

Questions about seat reservations?

I already have a valid ticket. How do I make a reservation without paying for the ticket again?
What refund conditions apply to seat reservations?
Why can't I select my desired travel date?
Do children have to reserve a seat as well?
How can I book a seat in the direction of travel or on a specific side?

Questions or problems while booking?

How can I redeem my voucher?
How do I make a reservation as a wheelchair user?
Are dogs permitted?
Can I take luggage with me on the Bernina Express?
I do not have a credit card. Are there alternative booking options?
I did a 2nd class booking; is it possible to upgrade this booking to 1st class?
I did not receive a confirmation e-mail with my travel documents.
My booking was aborted but my credit card was charged; how do I proceed?