Brusio Circular Viaduct

The Gotthard-Bernina Round Trip 

The best that the Swiss rail network has to offer 

From Zurich, the trip takes you through the Gotthard Base Tunnel to Lugano, then by Bernina Express Bus to Tirano. Enjoy pizza and ice cream before continuing your journey aboard the Bernina Express on the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage line to Chur. To round off your day, enjoy a relaxed journey back to Zurich on a Swiss Federal Railways train, passing Lakes Walen and Zurich on the way. The trip can also be taken the reverse way round. 


The Gotthard-Bernina Round Trip takes you from Zurich via Lugano and Tirano to Chur and back to Zurich. The route can of course also be travelled in the opposite direction. The most spectacular Alpine crossing follows a serpentine course between Chur and Tirano without the aid of rack-and-pinion technology. 

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Zurich main station – Lugano – Tirano – Chur – Zurich main station

Stops Time
Zurich main station dep 07:05 AM
Lugano arr 09:48 AM
Lugano Stazione dep 10:00 AM
Tirano Stazione arr 1:00 PM
Tirano dep 2:24 PM
Chur arr 6:22 PM
Chur dep 6:37 PM
Zurich main station arr 7:53 PM

Zurich main station – Chur – Tirano – Lugano – Zurich main station 

Stops Time
Zurich main station dep 07:07 AM
Chur arr 08:22 AM
Chur dep 08:28 AM
Tirano arr 12:49 PM
Tirano Stazione dep 2:20 PM
Lugano Stazione arr 5:30 PM
Lugano dep 6:30 PM
Zurich main station arr 9:27 PM

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