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Bernina Glaciers Experience

An idyllic railway journey

Our Bernina Line vintage train is running return trips between Poschiavo and St. Moritz via Alp Grüm twice a week from 10 July to 15 August.

It is composed of two first-generation railcars, which were built between 1908 and 1911 and were in almost daily service on the Bernina Line for an impressive 100 years. The idyllic journey aboard the vintage Bernina rolling stock is both historic and spectacular. From the Poschiavo valley, the line passes via Cavaglia all the way up to Alp Grüm, which boasts a restaurant that can only be reached by train. The journey then continues upwards to Ospizio Bernina, the highest point on the RhB network at alt. 2253 metres, and passes two lakes, Lago Bianco and Lej Neir. The famous Montebello Curve and the views of the Morteratsch Glacier demonstrate how the railway pioneers kept the discerning traveller in mind when designing the route. You can experience this delightful journey for the price of a standard ticket.


The Bernina Glaciers Experience runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays on the following dates:

  • 10/11 July 2024

  • 17/18 July 2024

  • 24/25 July 2024

  • 31 July / 1 August 2024

  • 7/8 August 2024

  • 14/15 August 2024


Passengers in possession of a valid ticket can travel in the respective class on the Alp Grüm Experience train at no extra charge. Cycles cannot be carried on this service.


Poschiavo - Alp Grüm
Poschiavo dep. 07.54
Cavaglia dep. 08.21
Alp Grüm dep. 08.36
Morteratsch dep. 09.05
Pontresina dep. 09.26
St. Moritz arr. 09.35
St. Moritz dep. 10.24
Pontresina dep. 10.36
Morteratsch dep. 10.50
Ospizio Bernina dep. 11.15
Alp Grüm arr. 11.25
Alp Grüm - Poschiavo
Alp Grüm dep. 12.29
Morteratsch dep. 13.06
Pontresina arr. 13.22
Pontresina dep. 14.18
Morteratsch dep. 14.28
Ospizio Bernina dep. 15.15
Alp Grüm arr. 15.23
Alp Grüm dep. 16.12
Cavaglia dep. 16.26
Poschiavo arr. 16.53

Consult the online timetable and the flyers available at RhB stations for detailed timetable information.