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Bernina Panorama Winter

With the best views at 2,253 metres above sea level

A trip on the highest railway line in the Alps via the roof of Rhaetian Railway, the Ospizio Bernina at 2,253 metres above sea level, is an experience in a class of its own.

The famous Bernina Line has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. With the Bernina Panorama Winter offer, you can marvel at the enchanting winter landscape through the extra-large windows of the observation-car trains – for a surcharge of just 5 francs. The panoramic cars run in combination with the regional trains from St. Moritz and Tirano. RhB advises you to book well in advance. Anyone who spontaneously decides to take a ride in the panoramic car pays on site with the train crew – providing there are seats available. 

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Timetable 11.12.2022 - 26.03.2023

The “morning trains” from St. Moritz, as well as their counterparts, operate with a 1st class and a 2nd class panoramic car. The remaining trains run with two 2nd class panoramic cars.

St. Moritz - Tirano 1617* 1625* 4637*** 1641** 4645**
St. Moritz dep. 08.48 10.48 13.48 14.48 15.48
Tirano arr. 11.00 13.00 16.23 17.00 18.23
Tirano - St. Moritz 1636*** 4640** 1644** 1660* 4664*
Tirano dep. 09.00 09.41 11.00 15.00 15.41
St. Moritz arr. 11.11 12.11 13.11 17.11 18.11

* From 26 December 2022 to 8 January 2023, these regional trains will run with just one 1st class panoramic car

** From 26 December 2022 to 8 January 2023, these regional trains will run with just one 2nd class panoramic car

*** Bernina Panorama 1636 + 4637 will be running from 09.01.2023 to 26.03.2023

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